We utilize more than 400 advanced methods to provide full chemical and physical analysis of materials, including detection of approximately 90 elements with a high degree of precision (down to 1 ppb level), isotope analysis, analysis of metallic and gaseous impurities, particle size measurement, homogeneity analysis, etc. In addition, we provide numerous mechanical and non-destructive testing services, and failure analysis.

We enjoy our business and pride ourselves on delivering prompt, independent, reliable and cost-effective service.

In our company we have an accredited Analytical and Testing Center that includes 5 laboratories :

  • Metals & Alloys Testing Lab (MAT Lab),
  • Lab for Monitoring of technological processes (TP Lab),
  • Environmental Monitoring Lab (EM Lab)
  • Lab for Monitoring of Uranium processing (UP Lab),
  • Non-destructive Testing Laboratory (NDT Lab)

The UP Lab is quite specific and is designed to serve the uranium separating facilities at UEIP. All other labs are full capable to provide versatile analytical service to any enterprise or research institution. Shortly we run hundreds advanced analytical and testing methods to provide an in-depth chemical and physical analysis of materials following to the high standards of nuclear industry.

Our services include

  • Material identification and characterization. (We test and analyse a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, adhesives, oils, technological liquids, lubricrants, paints, electrolytes and more.)
  • Failure Analysis Services. (In-depth investigations aimed to identify the root cause of part and assembly failures as well as identify means for preventing future failures.
  • Chemical Analysis (Testing for identification, purity, quantification, contaminants, characterization, etc.)
  • Contaminant Identification (the determination of components at low concentrations or trace levels down to 1 ppb level)
  • Deformulation (reverse engineering)
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
  • Quality Control Testing (testing to Russian, international and other recognized industry standards).
  • Environmental monitoring (Analysing of pollution in water, air, soils, bed silts, fish. Monitoring industrial (factory) waste. We test for heavy metals, radioactive components including neutron radioactivity)
  • and more.

A significant part of our business is connect with the development and production of sector field mass-spectrometers. This work is performed in collaboration with two other companies. Currently we produce 4 kinds of mass-spectrometers (MTI-350 series) for high precision isotopic and elemental analysis. Most of the developed mass-spectrometers are used within ROSATOM. We also produce vacuum systems for mass-spectrometers and ionizing cameras for alpha spectrometers.

Another part of activity is connected with functioning of Analytical Equipment Repair Service (AERS) that is a quite large division of our company. We provide calibration and repairs for analytical instruments of many kinds and brands including ICP and sector field mass-spectrometers, gas chromatographs, optical spectrometers, IR and FTIR spectrometers, atomic-emission (AES) and atomic-absorption spectrometers (AAS), X-ray spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers, electron microscopes, moisture analysers, IR gas analysers etc.

Whether you need support for a single Agilent instrument or a multi-lab, multi-vendor operation, Agilent Advantage and CrossLab Services protect your laboratory investment and connect you with our global network of experienced service professionals. We are dedicated to helping you obtain optimal performance from every system in your lab, every day.

Contact Information

7 bld, Dzerzhinsky str., Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk reg, Russia, 624130
Phone: 8/343/ 229-05-77,
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Fax: 8/34370/ 5-61-32