ANK Service is proud to offer cost effective outsourced analytical laboratory services to many diverse commercial, industrial, regulatory, and law enforcement clients. Whatever your business is about, our engineers and scientists are ready to meet your needs, from routine analytical testing to state-of-the-art research programs.

Metal Manufacturing & Fabrication

Metal Manufacturing & FabricationMetals and alloys are used and irreplaceable in many aspects where reliable performance is a must. While metal manufacturers rely on lot and batch testing to verify the composition and strength of their products, companies purchasing metals might also wish to perform testing to ensure that actual properties match specifications. From iron and steel to nonferrous metal alloys, ANK Service delivers a complete range of mechanical and metallurgical testing services for metal manufacturers, fabricators and consumers.

Chemical industry

Chemical industryWe perform analytical testing of organic and inorganic raw materials for chemical industry using our unique capabilities in the areas of molecular characterization, thermal/mechanical analysis, chemical analysis, trace element analysis, separation science and many others.

Nuclear Industry

Nuclear IndustryBorn and raised in nuclear industry, our company natively understands its needs and challenges. We have many years experience in analytical testing support of technological processes related to production of enriched uranium hexafluoride (UF6) as well as in pre-export certification of uranium and other nuclear products. We work hard to ensure safety and achieve optimal performance of nuclear setups and plants via proper inspection and verification according to Russian and international standards.

Mining Industry

Mining IndustryWe bring multiple services to the mining and minerals exploration companies to assist in the development of their resource supply chain from exploration, resource development to production. Our specialists use a wide range of state-of-the-art mineral testing methods and facilities to perform independent inspection and certification aimed to ensure the quality of mineral commodities.

Energy & Power Generation

Energy & Power GenerationSafe and reliable operation of power plants is critical. Our laboratories offer full line support services via inspecting materials and parts that applied for building of new power facilities, non-destructive testing and failure analysis of pipelines, storage systems and other essential equipment at working plants.


MachineryANK Service offers machine condition monitoring using oil and lubricant analysis, NDT inspection and other materials testing methods. We have sound experience in monitoring turbines, compressors, rotary machines, gear systems, engines and hydraulic systems, etc. while a variety of monitoring programs are designed to suit the customers’ particular needs.

Dispersed & Porous Materials

Dispersed & Porous MaterialsWe have many years’ experience in analysing of dispersed and porous materials such us catalysts, sorbents, pharmaceutical products, filters, pigments, rocks, soils, powders of diverse nature, etc. which properties and performance are determined by porosity, pore size, surface area, density, shape and size of particles and many others.

Composites. Nanomaterials

Composites. NanomaterialsComposites that combine best properties of metals, ceramics, polymers, cellulose, glass, resins, fibres, etc. are widely used in aerospace, power generation, military and transportation industries. Our composite testing experts provide support in determining the material composition, selection and qualification of materials, fatigue testing, manufacturing process development, failure analysis and many others. ANK Service specialists are also well experienced in studying nanosized and nanostructured materials applied in quantum electronics, medical applications and chemical engineering.

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