ANK Service blends a unique combination of laboratory and inspection services with engineering, consulting and technical support. This allows us to provide the complete testing solutions you need, under one roof, with unprecedented turn-around times.

 Incoming Inspection of Materials & Products

Incoming Inspection of Materials & ProductsMaking sure your product is produced with the right materials is essential to the quality of your product, whether it is produced at your facility or by a contractor. We perform testing of products and materials according to ASTM, GOST, ISO and other internationally recognized industry standards.

Chemical Engineering & Formulation Development

Our chemical enChemical Engineering & Formulation Developmentgineering services are fully capable to turn your innovative ideas into a final product whether you have designed a formula or have a specification of your product in mind. Alternatively, if you need to reverse-engineer some existing product we can also assist you by determining which chemicals, substances or materials it is composed of.

NDT & Industrial Safety Service

NDT & Industrial Safety ServiceANK Service can offer you a broad range of NDT technologies to meet your project or inspection challenges. Our highly dedicated NDT engineers ensure the safety and efficient employment of your industrial equipment by revealing defects and estimating their development before they result in failure or damage. You will also be provided with valuable data enabling you to make asset management decisions.

Environmental Services

Environmental ServicesWe provide full-service solutions to environmental challenges faced by a variety of industries. If your business requires environmental compliance monitoring, site assessment, investigation for remedial actions at hazardous waste sites or routine laboratory analysis of water, soil, air, biota or waste products, ANK Service is here to immediately assist you with your projects.

Failure Analysis & Product Defect Investigation

Failure Analysis & Product Defect InvestigationOur team of failure analysis experts performs in-depth investigations to understand the root cause of part or assembly failures and develop a solution able to prevent future failures.


Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Expert Witness & Litigation SupportANK Service provides critical testimony or expertise based on analysis and testing methodologies in legal or insurance cases related to product or component failures, compliance cases, protection of intellectual property or infringement disputes, product performance or quality claims, etc.

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