A key part of our business is to produce components and equipment in support of our and wider industry’s analytical testing and R&D activities. During more than fifty years of working for nuclear fuel industry, our engineering and production centre has gained significant background in designing and commissioning of analytical and testing equipment and instruments for diverse applications.


Nowadays the following kinds of custom equipment are produced:

  • Alpha-spectrometers based on Frisch Grid Ionization Chamber with outstanding resolution of 22-25 keV
  • Vacuum equipment (chambers, vessel, bellows, feedthroughs, flanges and fittings, etc).
  • Custom Reactor Systems
  • High Pressure Systems
  • Continuous Flow Reactors
  • Flow Cells, etc.

ANK Service is continuously involved in projects related to design and manufacturing of mass-spectrometers of MTI-350 series, which are used across many nuclear fuel companies in Russia and abroad for isotope analysis of uranium, plutonium, and mixed oxide (MOX) fuels. In the frame of these projects, we produce ion optical systems, multi-collector ion detection systems, gas leak-in systems with controllable flow rate, controlling software, etc.


Contact Information

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