Comprehensive Analytical & Testing Capabilities

Chemical Analysis

Chemical AnalysisChemical Analysis is used in almost all operations whether it is material characterization, failure analysis, or routine quality check. Among the techniques available in our labs are UV-Vis spectroscopy, wet chemistry, X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence analysis, ion, liquid and gas chromatography, ICP mass-spectrometry, gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GS-MS), ICP atomic-emission and atomic absorption spectrometry, optical emission spectrometry, FTIR and IR spectrometry, differential thermal analysis, etc.

Isotope Composition Analysis

Elemental Trace AnalysisWe utilize isotope ratio mass spectrometry to measure the relative abundance of isotopes that may provide unique information about origin, history and age of material studied.


Elemental Trace Analysis

Isotope Composition AnalysisOur equipment and methods allow detecting, identifying and measuring trace amounts of chemicals in materials down to 10 ppb levels.


Material ID

Material IDOur experienced chemists can determine the contents and composition of an unknown material or substance through multiple analytical techniques and expert interpretations.


Environmental Lab Services

Environmental Lab ServicesOur environmental services are applied across drinking water, groundwater, surface and waste water, soil testing, sediments, solid waste, drilling waste, ambient air quality testing, stack sampling and field works.


RadiochemistryHaving outstanding experience in the detection and measurement of radioisotopes across several industries, we are fully capable to solve radiochemical problems while using gamma and alpha spectrometry and radiometry as well as neutron and beta radiometry.


Metallurgical Testing & Analysis

Metallurgical Testing & AnalysisWe provide a state-of-the-art metallurgical testing service that includes comprehensive chemical analysis, micro/macroscopic examination, phase determination, microhardness testing, coating analysis, Intergranular corrosion testing, stereo microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with EDX spectrometry, surface topography analysis with AFM, etc.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical TestingMeasuring the physical properties of materials (metals, polymers, etc.) allow to determine their durability and get insight into their performance. Our methods include tensile testing, stress rupture and creep testing, bend testing, hardness testing, impact testing, compression testing, flaring/expansion testing (for tubes).

Non-Destructive Testing

n-Destructive TestingNDT methods allow revealing surface, sub-surface and internal defects without harming materials or parts or affecting their operating performance. Testing technique, that we apply, include digital (real time) radiography (RT), ultrasound (UT), magnetic particle (MT), eddy current (ET) and penetrant testing (PT), remote video inspections (RVI), leak testing (LT), vibration analysis (VA), acoustic emission techniques (AE) and thermography.

Porosity & Surface Area Analysis

Porosity & Surface Area AnalysisWe use advanced Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (MIP) and Gas Sorption (GS) technique to perform comprehensive pore and surface area analysis in broad range of dimensions and parameters. Among other methods available are gas pycnometry (to determine the density of materials), X-ray Sedimentation (particle size analysis), microscopy and SEM.

Oil, Petrochemical & Organic Lab Services

Oil, Petrochemical & Organic Lab ServicesWe test and analyse oils, lubricants, fuels, diesels and other petrochemical products for compliance with ASTM and GOST standards. We also provide advanced services aimed to get insight into the composition of unknown complex organic solutions and materials.

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