About us

The history of ANK Service is the story of a passionate commitment to discover, develop and deliver the highest standard analytical and testing services. While the company was officially founded in 2013 we share a long history of Central Laboratory of The Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (JSC UEIP), that started functioning in 1946. The Central Laboratory conducted multiple cutting-edge R&D projects and provided general laboratory services to the JSC UEIP, which is now a part of the ROSATOM Nuclear State Corp. and the world’s largest producer of enriched uranium. Founding ANK Service Ltd. on the base of the Central Laboratory was directed by idea to expand the business of laboratory service across broad spectrum of industries and markets.


Nowadays, ANK Service is one of the largest independent accredited analytical and testing centre in Russia. Apart from JSC UEIP and companies within the ROSATOM network, we serve a wide variety of industrial companies and research institutes by providing in-depth analytical, physical and mechanical testing, unknown materials identification, reverse engineering, failure analysis, chemical testing, isotope analysis, trace analysis, custom synthesis, environmental monitoring, expert witness and consulting services.

We run hundreds tests and analyses a day and provide our customers with the most comprehensive and reliable data quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively. Our highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians are full capable of providing the highest quality service, solve complex problems, and respond to a wide range of challenges from our customers.


Contact Information

7 bld, Dzerzhinsky str., Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk reg, Russia, 624130
Phone: 8/343/ 229-05-77,
8/34370/ 5-75-77
Fax: 8/34370/ 5-61-32